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Starting HP: 70

Starting Skill

Punch. Physical Damage. The warrior punches his enemy dealing as many points gained in the run as physical damage to an enemy.


Stone Wall. Passive. Permanent Physical Resistance.

Magiphobia. Passive. Permanent Magic Vulnerability (takes 2x damage from spells)


  • Has high base HP
  • Deals large burst damage - suitable for players who may do prolonged workouts
  • Skills are based around dealing Physical Damage and mitigating Physical Damage through blocks

Current Status

Example Team Warrior

  • 33/100 hp
  • +4 to attack (club)
  • Punch, Dodge, Fury
Illustration for article titled Warrior

To Use:

Warriors are the easiest class to use. Simply put your numbers in for how far you ran. The spreadsheet will do the rest. When you run put your number in the proper day’s slot. This will trigger an attack to your team. You can see in the example that the warrior has run 5 miles/1 hour of exercise on both monday and Tuesday. This has triggered two attacks to the team which has resulted in only 7 points of damage to the Warrior as he has resistance to Physical damage.


The spreadsheet should keep track of when the monster is dead. In this example the Furby has 10 HP left. If 10 or more points of damage are dealt to this monster, the Hit Points Left field will read dead.

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