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Welcome to the Toybox, Progress Report’s virtual list of virtual things that you can virtually grab.


To Donate

Bought a humble bundle and don’t want 90% of what was in it? List the games/ebooks/whatever you have for donation in the comments and I’ll add them here.


To Claim

Finished your big project? Feel like rewarding yourself? Just go ahead and click on the item to be taken to the comment. From there, leave a reply. The rules here are pretty lax but I do request that in order to claim something you:

  1. Are participating in Progress Report regularly
  2. Have completed somewhat substantive goals
  3. Agree to try to donate something in the future to the Toybox (just spend a dollar on a humble bundle. It won’t kill you)

Currently Available Toybox Items

  1. OlliOlli Wii U
  2. SolForge
  3. Sportsball Wii U
  4. Stealth Inc 2 Wii U
  5. SteamWorld Dig Wii U
  6. The Fall Wii U
  7. Woah Dave 3DS
  8. A heck of a lot of Dr. Who Comics
  9. Card Hunter PC
  10. Card City Nights PC
  11. Sleepwalker’s Journey PC
  12. SolForge - Dinosaur Starter (Early access steam)
  13. Chibi Character art requests
  14. Midnight Menagerie in PDF format

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