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Mage specific items - can only be purchased by Mages. Spell costs are in focus cost - you must focus for AT LEAST the spell cost (extra damage is lost) in order to cast the spell on your next attack.


Focus can be stacked among days to reach a focus cost. You cannot attack and focus on the same day though.

Remember that spell damage to non resistant monsters is doubled!

Spells can only be cast once/week from each level (ie. One level 1 spell and one level 2 spell could be cast in one week but two level 1 or level 2 spells could not)


Once a spell is purchased by one player, it is unavailable for purchase until it is restocked on Sunday.

Level 1 Spells (Multi Cast Per Week)

  • Fireball (2 focus) 25 gold - Add 3 spell damage to your first attack, then 1 pure damage burn to each subsequent. Ow ow ow! A spark! Get it get it!
  • Shadow (2 focus) 25 gold - Cast a shadow for 3 days, this shadow deals 2 spell damage on any day you attack during those three days. Please note, not the hedgehog.
  • Kablam (2 focus) 25 gold - Deal 2 Spell damage on 1 day. Kablam.
  • Fireball II (2 focus) 75 gold - Add 3 spell damage to your first attack, then 3 spell damage to each subsequent attack. Must have purchased, (not equipped) Fireball. B-b-b-b-baby you ain’t seen nothing yet.
  • Splat (2 focus) - requires Kablam to have been purchased first 50 gold - Deal 5 Spell on 1 day. Less Chat, More Splat.

Level 2 Spells (1 Cast Per Week Unless Noted)

  • Sharknado (4 focus) 50 gold - Summon a tornado full of sharks. For every point over the focus cost, deal that amount in spell damage. 1 day use. Sort of like jaws, only with more tornado.
  • Sharknado II (5 focus) 210 gold - Summon a tornado full of sharks and Ian Zhering. For every point over the focus cost, deal twice that amount in Spell Damage. 1 day use. Come on, April. Two of my friends were killed. I almost destroyed Los Angeles. And, oh, yeah... I got eaten by a shark. How much fun do you think that was?
  • Zombeavers (3 focus) 50 gold - An army of zombie beavers assails your target for 2 physical damage every day you attack. Can be cast on multiple days. Don’t go in the lake.
  • R.O.T.O.R (4 focus) 50 Gold - Your killer robot deals 6 physical damage to you and 16 physical damage to the monster. Were we playing God, breathing life into our artificial Adam? Or have we lost sight of paradise?
  • Firebat (5 Focus) 75 gold (requires Fireball) - If cast before fireball, fireball does 10 spell damage and 5 pure damage on each subsequent attack. What is that? Some kind of Pokemon?

Level 3 Spells (1 Cast Per Week, Destructive)

  • Mage Rage (7 Focus, 1 spell) 200 gold - Permanently unlearn one currently equipped spell (you can not use that spell for the rest of the game unless you purchase it again). The enemy is now afflicted with Terror. He takes 200% damage from Physical attacks and deals only 50% damage regardless of damage type. I bought them they were mine, But you ate them, you ate my fries, *** Cannot be used on week 8 ***
  • AfterBurners (11 focus, 35 hp) 310 gold - Every Warrior attack is a crit, Healer is given 20 Healing points every day they log points, Bard’s song is week long regardless of when he stops singing and bard’s skill costs are reduced by 3 to a minimum of 1. Monster takes 3 Spell Damage every time the Mage attacks. Playing Afterburners requires the mage to have the full HP cost - if playing Afterburners would cause the mage to die, they are not allowed to play it. Kluge, why do you keep buying HP+?
  • Ritualistic Sacrifice (8 focus, kill yourself) 340 gold - Give your team 100 gold each. How much is a life worth? Surprisingly little in the scheme of things.


  • Broken Broomstick (100 gold) - Magic Missile does 100% Physical Damage I think I hit the healer too hard maybe.
  • Cardboard tube (25 gold) - 25% chance that Magic Missile does 100% physical damage Your a wizard now harry
  • Kung Lao’s Hat (100 gold) - 50% chance that Magic Missile does 100% Spell Damage Finish Him!
  • Drum of Endurance (240 gold) - Once per week a mage can cast a spell on the same day she focuses. Faster than a speeding bullet she was not, but still, she got the job done.
  • Harry Potter’s Glasses (410 gold) - Magic Missile does 100% Spell Damage. Unfortunately for Barkspawn, Harry was legally blind, so while putting his glasses on gave her untold power, they also gave her a wicked migraine.

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