Apparently I'm here to lead us to the golden age of TAY infamy. But first we need to get like...stickers or something so we can show our flair. So if you guys wanna start, like, a club, or something, yeah, like, we can totes do that. Tiffany's mom is gonna be out of town next week so we can start there. We can make posters and stuff that show how badly mangled Cheroro's body is going to be and I know where the passcode is for the liquor so we can have some Peach Schnapps, I guess?

Yeah so like, if you guys have AOL IM I can chat after 9pm when I can use the internet. Great. Here's to several years of tyranny.

Oh and if someone can get GBD to give me admin privileges so I can start sporadically un-authoring everyone, that'd be great.