Secret santa scintillating stuff to supercharge se.....Uhhhh 2 buy 4 me plz

Very cruddy list style because I have to do my kinjai g from telephone these days ah well!

I like from software stuff like the bloodborne (favorite of all time) or the dark souls. I have some of the future press guides but I no have art books or anything like that. If you’re going freebie route you could whip up some fanart with Hunter x furby in santa hat because that’d make my day.


I own a PC and a ps4.

Pc I have a steam wishlist that I will link here when I get home if I forget have z poke me. SHE POKED ME BECAUSE I FORGOT! SORRY! (also since i rarely use steam for social stuff i never noticed how hard it is to do anything. Jeeze. Took me a lil bit just to FIND my list then you have to right click copy url to share it? lames.)


I have a Welsh corgi so if you wanna buy her a kilt on Etsy or other adorable clothing, I would like that. Cuuuuuutttteeee lil fluffer.


I don’t haveany personal ornaments for my tree so I’d be cool with a video game themed ornament I suppose.

Games I like for inspiration for crafts or what have you: SuperGiant games, Witcher series, Zelda, Darksiders, StarCraft, killer 7 / grasshopper in general, Terraria/Minecraft, God of war series, devil may cry series, Bayonetta, ok most Platinum games, soulsborne stuff,


That should be enough you can just go on Etsy and type in some of that stuff and find something kind of neat for 25 smackaroos and voila!

I do like tea and got a very nice infuser from Cleon last year along with some tea that I burned through pretty quick, so if anyone wants to help refill my tea stocks feel free. I like pretty much anything although I’ve been craving rooibos chai lately. I like loose leaf over bagged but anything is fine especially since loose leaf tends to cost more depending on how/who you buy it from.


I like to cook and bake so I don’t know if that helps?

Oooook that should be sufficient I think. I’m one of those people that are super easy to get presents for because I like literally everything so don’t worry! Even if it is a broken shoe I’ll be excited


I was thinking and honestly the best thing someone could do for me would be to run some kind of event that the community could participate in, be it movie night, game night, some sort of contest, what have you. I’d like that more than any present in the whole wide world *tiny tim eyes*

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