Secret Santa 2019 List

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Merry Christmas!

This year I’m all into the X-Men! I THINK I have HoXPoX incoming as a gift already, but beyond that I don’t have ANY of the new comics and I’d love any sequential before you run out of money, or like #1 of marauders, X-men, x-force, xcaliber, xtorionate prices!


What else......

I time? A New Job? a Maid to do my laundry?

Oh I know!

if you can draw well, I’d like an IOU for a commission for something (i promise to be reasonable). I’m constantly wanting headers or something and i always pay Nior for them in steam games, so it’d be cool to have a favor in my pocket to pull out next time I think I’m going to write a 300 post series chronicling the X-Men from the silver age onwards.


Some pervy game on Steam. You can check my wishlist:


I don’t really do clothing since I’m so stupidly tall that no matter the size it won’t fit so there’s no point. Unless you can find like tall sized nerd clothes (good luck!). I’d be an XL tall.

If all else fails, I know it’s stupid, but like....plan and run some event on TAY. Do a movie night, I will move heaven and earth to show up, i promise. L4D2 game night is always fun! We could do a board game night of the Divinity 2 board game that we illegally play via tabletop sim!


I also am getting at SOME point Maybe, a board gaming table, so I dunno, a set of dishwasher safe, tumbler cups for it?  Accessories like that grid plastic stuff?  I dunno, go nuts.  Flame decals! (i still need some of those for my kitchen aid so I can be truly guy fieri)

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