Individual Power Ups


Furby's Fortune (3 Points): A random card is drawn from the tarot deck. Not only do you get your fortune, but depending on the suit you get:

Pentacles: Nothing, Wands: Give a team member 3 free points, Cups: Give yourself 4 points Swords: Remove 3 points from an opposing team member.

"Oh, The Tower! That's a card that means... *rifles through book*....Oh. Bad News."

Crash and Burn (2 points): If your point total for the week is under 10 points, give yourself 4 extra points. His plan to run TAY into the ground did not go entirely as he had predicted.

Opt Out (3 points): Take the week off. Your level goal becomes 0 for the week but you cannot log any points. You receive a 5 point penalty on the following week's level goal. If you'd like to stop receiving these calls, please stay on the line and an operator will be with you shortly.


Take a Hike (4 points): Double points for any one run. To use, put ' = X * 2 in your day's cell where X = your distance that day. Take a Hike can only be used on distance based runs. Take a Hike can be used on a run of > 10 however it will only double 10 points. So if you run 25 miles, you will get 35 points for that day. Despite TUT's violent behavior, the only thing he managed to break, was my heart.

You Have My Axe (4 points): For this week points given to a friend are doubled. *Points given to friends are only for help reaching their level goal.* "And my toast!" Messiah

Aces Wild (4 points): If you get a total of 21.x points for the week, you can add 7 points to any player not in the top 4 on your team. Oh don't worry. He may be a vain, selfish, lying, and quite possibly alcoholic man-whore, but gambling is one vice Sterling doesn't have.


Take a Snooze (1 point * Current level): Take off 1/4th your total goal. Cannot be used for levels 6 - 8. "The secretto winning is to not play the game. Or possibly surrendering at the first possible opportunity." - Ancient French Proverb

Dopplegangland (5 points): Copy one of your runs onto the lowest run of someone else on your team for this week. Dopplegangland is pre power up modified points (ie. if Take a Hike is used on a 5 point run to make it 10, Dopplegangland would only be eligible to copy 5.). The run that it is copied ON to must be higher than 2. The run that is copied cannot be higher than 10. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.


Drafting (7 points): Take the highest run from one player on the opposing team and replace your lowest point value with it. Drafting is used on pre power up modified points. The run that is replaced must be higher than 2. For example you run for 3 points one day. Player 2 runs for 15 points. After Drafting, your 3 points becomes 15 points and Player 2's remains 15 points. You do not swap the points. If you're headed to Novibear's Den, you're going to want to bring friends. Friends to leave behind as peace offerings.

I'm in the Lead! (15 points): If your point value for the week is more than 2x that of the next highest person, give 10 points to three players of your choice. Timehacker crossed the finish line with arms raised, shouting, "I won!" He was blissfully unaware that there was 1 more lap to go.


Nemesis (1 point). Assign yourself a nemesis. If you beat the pre power up, absolute value of your nemesis' points, you earn 4 points. If you do not beat your nemesis, they remain your nemesis until you are able to beat them. You can only pick a person to be your nemesis once per game. "Migaru glared at the Sunny D. The Sunny D stared right back. One thing was for certain - only one of them was getting out of this alive."


Redundancy Check (4 points): Take your lowest point value of at least 2 or over and replace one run of an opponent. Replaced run cannot be over 10 points. Redundancy Check affects the pre points modified value of the run - ie. a 10 point run with Double Points to make it 20 points is fair game for Redundancy Check. "Unimplied is hacking. A Gibson. He gets in. Using GOD as a password."

Taunt (1 point): Give someone 1 taunt token. Taunt tokens do nothing. Some men just wanted to watch the world burn. Kluge wanted more.

Heist (7 points): If you score double the points of your nemesis: take 10 points from them if they have scored over 15 points. If they have scored under 15 points, the purchase price of Heist is returned to you and you are awarded 5 points. In addition to hacking time, he was also known as quite the thief, of the lady's hearts. And kidneys. They sold for good money on the black market.


Revenge (Passive): If you pick as a nemesis, someone who has previously picked you as a nemesis and won, and beat them. You may steal 6 points from that person.


Nach(o) Cheese (3 points): Protect yourself against 1 power up: Drafting or Redundancy check. Only 1 may be purchased at a time. Paula Deen threw as much boxed cake mix at Nach as she could, but somehow he was always one step ahead of her.


In Neryl's Defense (10 points) - You can counter any 1 power up or debuff for 1 person. Only 1 may be purchased per round. StygianKnight grinned and brandished his sword, "Come at me, bro!"

Crack This (2 points): Protect yourself against 1 power up: Bank Robbery or Heist.Urilikya really needed that money to buy soda. He would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling kids.

Retreat (1 point): If you did not beat your nemesis the previous week, you may use 1 point to remove them as your nemesis. Quiddity didn't see it as a loss - after all, what chance did he have versus a bear in the first place? It was more of a tactical pause.


Swan's Way (5 points): Protect yourself against 1 power up: Caltrops, Caltrops Everywhere. You don't wanna go that way, come this way instead!

UI's Furby Trap (5 points) - Protect against 1 power up: Dr. Furbario Strikes. UI had been hunting Furbies for so long, it had become second nature.

Flashback Friday (2 points): Remove a debuff of your choice for this week from any player. Next week you will be afflicted by a random individual debuff. A hat in time saves nine.


Snake in the Grass (5 points): Prevent any 1 player from using any 1 buff or counter:Lucky 7, Retreat, or Dopplegangland. Aestevalis, is that your.....snake?

Crowbar (7 points): Prevent any 1 player from using I'm in the Lead! Although she was out of the game, Neryl's sportsmanship lived on.


Team Power Ups

Power in Numbers. (5 points) A Random Player from either team has their level goal + (100 * 0.x) for the week. Where X = the current level. Although TUT had heard that quality was valued over quantity, his demon army consistently proved that idea wrong.

Caltrops, Caltrops Everywhere. (20 points) Double a runners level goal for this week. The thing about leg injuries is they just seem to happen whenever - when you're walking home from school and you slip on ice, when you're on some boxes and you twist your ankle, or when Morie pops out from behind the bushes with a crowbar. You just never know.


Dr. Furbario Strikes (15 points): For every three points over the selected runner's goal, remove 1 point from every member of the team. Points for this power up refer to raw value points. Dr. Furbario Strikes can only affect points in excess of a runner's level goal. Furby said, "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm...FEED ME FEED ME NUM NUM NUM"

Like a Record Baby, Round Right Round. (7 points) Swap two people's level goal on your team. "What do you mean I can't make my students run for my points? With all due respect, you're wrong. Banned." - GBD

Audit (1 point): Pick one run from someone on the other team. If they can provide evidence of the run they are safe. If they do not, you get to swap one of your runs with theirs. Acceptable evidence: Screenshot of run route or app that has pertinent run data on it. John looked at his client over his glasses and sighed, "No. No it's not OK to claim your 401k as a dependent." *Audit does not count towards your total allowable Team Power Ups*


Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself. (38 points) You make a deal with Lucifer and add a 0.25x multiplier to each players point total for this week. ie. 10 points becomes 12.5 points (10 + (10 * 0.25) UI's emporium had been competing with LoserMLW's Bazaar for decades. Some say the customer was the real winner. The endless souls claimed in trade beg otherwise.

New Power Ups will be added on Wednesdays in the Patch notes.