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Starting HP: 20

Starting Spells

Focus. Target Self, No Cost. A mage may choose to combine two attacks into one attack.


Magic Missile. Single Target, No Cost. A mage conjures up a missile. This missile does physical damage in the amount of 50% attack strength. Magic missile is the default attack of the mage. It has no focus cost, but suffers a 50% damage penalty.


  • Lowest HP in the game
  • Highest Damage output in the game later on
  • Skills are based around dealing magical damage (2x to enemies without magic resist)
  • Has the best defense against magic attacks
  • Can cast 1 spell from each spell level each day
  • Starts out very weak, but gains strength as different spells are purchased
  • Can have 1 spell/spell level each week

How to use

Mages rely on the focus ability to pay for their spells and deal pure damage. Prior to gaining spells which deal spell damage, focus is their main method of dealing damage. Focus can only be used from one day to another, it cannot be used through more than 2 days. Some times you may have to decide whether to focus and use the pure damage or pay a lower focus cost to cast a spell.


1. If you want to use focus, right click on the box for that day and go to “insert note” Type in Focus (points for the day)

2. Focus damage is pure damage. So focused damage will be 5 in this example. It is NOT Magical damage so will not do 2x spell damage.

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3. On the day you want to use your focus damage, calculate how much damage you’d do that day, (in this case 6 miles / 2 (because magic missile only does 50% damage) = 3 potential damage) and add in your focused damage so 5 + 3 = 8 damage that day. In this way, although mages do less damage overall to begin with, you can mitigate some of the damage that would go to your teammates had you attacked every day.

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Please note _ there’s a type on the note. It should read Focus 5 (Sunday) + 6 points/2 = 3 damage for today (Monday) for a total of 8 pts damage.


4. For spell casting, you will deal your spell damage plus any additional damage from magic missile.

Current Status

Example Team Mage

  • 1/20 HP
  • Level 1 Spell: Magic Missile (Physical Damage)
  • Level 2 Spell: Crowd Control

Team 1 Mage

Team 2 Mage

Team 3 Mage

Team 4 Mage

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