Gotta read through 495 notifications.

Highlights of things I missed:

  • UI in a tinfoil hat. Holy God that's glorious.
  • CallistoEx and Steve Bowling's sexy selfies.
  • Sylver suggests LordFurbamon as my alternate name and I didn't choose it because I'm an idiot.
  • Someone threw up and tasted a Payday
  • Spammed on GBD's Golf article.
  • jjayhere recommends we meet up with someone from Kotaku while we're in NYC. I'm 100% behind this idea. To Twitter!
  • GBD hasn't been following me. All this time. I thought we were friends.
  • Marsh Naylor replied to youa moba is a kind of snake right? The black moba and the mobaconstrictor are deadly. Hmm... moba i should stop right there.
  • Ernie was contacting me about my problem but I had no way of knowing!
  • BattleBorn is never happy.
  • SpaceGar praises the Ish.
  • Neryl gives me some sage advice
  • e1teaches me to drive
  • TUT and I's game of Necro posting Boots is blown up