Originally posted 3/20/2014

  1. AMA with Stephen Totillo
  2. More food posts
  3. Debate Team cross Kinja
  4. Whatever happened to Dex’s Author Spotlight?
  5. Start making cheese again. You have money to buy a press now, just do it.
  6. drink more water.
  7. Secret decoder ring and ID card for loyal TAY members (only 12 box tops!)
  8. More listicles about things from the 90's, ie: We Remembered All the Names of the Saved By the Bell Cast and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!
  9. Expand our purview to include Bridge players, that way my grandma can join in.
  10. TAYtoos: matching TAY tattoos so we can identify each other on the mean streets.
  12. Horizontal segregation.
  13. More Gardening posts.

7-12 (pocoGRANDES’ Genius)


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