How to make a burner

The best way to do this for the masquerade is to open a new “private” tab that you’re going to leave open. So open a new private tab and navigate to TAY

if you’re really lazy ;)

Next up click the person button in the top right corner.


Next up click don’t have an account Click Here


The click here will turn into a “create burner” button. Click that and you’re greeted with this screen. Fill in the Display name (what shows up on kinja) and the username which is used for your blog. The display name is the one that will show up during the masquerade.

click next.


Unfortunately I was unable to truthfully click this button so this was as far as I got.

OK Just kiddin. After a few more captchas, i was greeted with my burner key. For the love of god if you want to play this game put this number/letter whatever key somewhere that you will find it. This is in essence your password for this account and if you lose it you have no way to retrieve it!
The easiest way to do it is to take a picture with your phone. If that fails take a screen shot and upload it to your cloud drive.


and that’s it you’re all set!

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