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  • Healing Spells go into effect the day they are learned. You cannot retroactively use them for prior days.
  • You can have 3 active spells/week max,
  • If you have over 3 purchased spells the other, unused ones are stored in your inventory and can be used on subsequent weeks
  • Healing Spells can be used as many times as healing power permits unless otherwise specified
  • Learning Costs: Healing spells must be studied before use. To this end some healing power must be devoted towards learning new spells. Subtract out the learning cost from your daily total and leave a note in the spreadsheet to indicate which spell you’re learning and it’s cost.

Spells (3 learned/week)

  • Heavy Burden (25 gold) (2 point learning cost) The healer can sacrifice up to 5 points of health. Add to your run for that day two times the value of the sacrificed health. The healer cannot heal himself for the next day. (ie. If used on Sunday, Tuesday would be the first day the healer could heal himself) During this recuperation phase, no spell may be used except normal healing. It hurt, but Walfisch knew it was the right thing to do
  • Flashback (60 gold) (3 point learning cost) Summoning immense will, the healer is able to use excess healing points from prior days, on the current day. These healing points are added to the current day’s point total on the upper portion of the spreadsheet with a note indicating how much and from where. So what happens if my team is napping on Sunday?
  • Introvert (20 gold) (1 point learning cost) Any points spent healing yourself are doubled. Ignore error message. Heal others? Pfft. They can all go to hell. Hail HYDRA!
  • Godspell (25 gold) (2 point learning cost) One hero is healed the same amount on the next consecutive day as they were for the current day. This cannot be stacked to a third day. Day by Day....
  • ÜberCharge (50 gold) (3 point learning cost) Heal a hero for exactly five points over his max HP. That hero keeps the additional 5 health and on their next attack, that hero deals 5 extra pure damage. If a hero does not attack, give them 3 points to their next entered point value instead. “I’m Ready!”
  • Alchemy (75 gold) (2 point learning cost): For each leftover point of healing give your team 3 gold. Put this bonus gold next to your current gold - when the monster is defeated, add the bonus gold to your current gold. Turning water into wine was but a parlor trick compared to what Mephestis could accomplish with a little human vitality.
  • Physically Fit (100 gold) (5 point learning cost): You may grant one person on your team Physical Resistance once per day. OK work it out now, 3 more, and 3! and 2! and 1! Great job everyone! Sonya? Why aren’t you moving?
  • Spiritually Sound (50 gold) (5 point learning cost): You may grant two people on your team Magical Resistance once per day.

Voices in Your Head (Have as many as you want)

  • “The Bruises Mean She Wants To Be Your Friend!” (100 gold) 50% chance to crit (1.5x) the healing done to mage each day. “What, are you expecting a thanks or something?”
  • “Kill them all!” (150 gold) 50% chance to crit the healing done to Warrior each day. “Grandpa? Is that you?”

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