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Starting HP: 60

Starting Spells

  • Heal (Single Target, no cost). The healer is able to heal a target for a value up to his healing power gained for that day.
  • Pheonix Down (Single Target). The healer can bring one character back from the dead. However, this uses all of healing power for a day and the healer is unable to heal any additional targets. To use: Put a number in the heals box such that the characters HP becomes 10. ie, if they’re dead by 5 points, put 15 healing points in the box. Ignore the INVALID error in the “remaining healing power” box. Put a note in that box that says, Pheonix Down.


  • Good HP
  • Works on keeping the party alive
  • Can cast spells as many times as they have points for
  • Healing power is equal to the number of points gained per running
  • Healing power does NOT carry over from day to day to begin with (subsequent spells will allow carryover)

To use:

Illustration for article titled Healer

1. Put your run point value in the green box for that day.

2. Use points to heal team members in the healing boxes under the “Heals” subheading.


In this example, the warrior has initiated an attack by attacking the monster for 5 points of damage. The monster has thus counter attacked the entire team for 7 points of damage. The healer, having gained 5 healing points by logging 5 points up top, uses three of them to heal the mage. He uses a further point to heal the Bard. The remaining 1 point will be lost.

Note that in this example the damage is physical and as the Warrior is Physical damage resistant, he takes half damage or 3.5 hp worth of damage.

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