Gift ideas:

I own: PC, Wii, Vita, PS3

Games I play: DOTA 2 - in game items are fun and fine I play support so I'm always up for the latest and greatest courier model and ward model.

Vita: I own all the PS+ games :P. I like jRPGS, action adventure button smash fests (OK I'm just hinting at Dragon's Crown despite me having my little outrage at the character models on Kotaku, the game sounds like one I would enjoy gameplaywise), or PSP/PSone classics - I've wanted to try 3rd birthday because I love Aya Brea and Parasite Eve.

PC - uhhhhh I really can't think of too many games I actually want on PC. Edit: But I wouldn't say no to a steam game. I am not huge into FPS, but I like jRPGs (the newest Ys game looks interesting), and RTS (Do these even exist? I don't have the latest SC but I doubt that's 20 bucks)

Pop Culture/nerd interests which could be made giftable:

  • Not really too into anime but I do love Eva
  • I like Dr. Who and haven't seen Season 8 (Tennant 4 lyfe, not too keen on Matt Smith...sorry, I'm so so sorry. (Couldn't resist))
  • Graphic Novels: I love love love Sandman and have 0 of the books, I am interested in Fables, and also that one by Brian K Vaughn that I'm blanking on the name (Saga). I also was up to like...compendium 3 in the Walking Dead and enjoying that. I'll edit this later with more specifics on where I am in WD (Compendium 2 ends at 96 - story point-Rick thinks something is up with the new community they found so he's going to go get their guns from a locked shed)
  • Added 11.6.13: Locke and Key - I have volume 1 and 2 in hardcover
  • My daughter and I watch MLP together. Friendship is magic.
  • I have a shell for my Vita but no other protection...
  • A time machine to go back and undo the last decade of my life. HA HA HA HA HASHDjkla;lskfjaweo;rijxlkcj
  • I am a scientist and do appreciate the ole' sciencey based humor. Thinkgeek has a lot of cute things.