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Bloodborne is for you if you liked old Nintendo platformers. Why?

Because TMNT. Because Astyanax. Because Totally Rad! I guess more aptly - because Blaster Master, because Metroid, because Castlevania. These games were TOUGH. There was no tutorial to these games beyond, here’s a sword perhaps you should use it or here’s a yo yo, perhaps you can use it (Nintendo games were weird man). Anyway, you learned via trial and error and a lot of the key to those games was enemy placement memorization and learning when and where certain events happen. The map was sprawling and it wasn’t indicated which way to go, you just picked a direction and went and most of the time it was the right way. The rest of the time it was to an area with enemies way above your paygrade that killed you in one hit.


Bloodborne is just like that. A lot of people go on and on about how “HARD” bloodborne is and honestly, it’s not that hard. It’s hard in the same way those games were hard. It’s hard because enemies do a lot of damage to you, but they telegraph their attacks from a mile away. It’s hard if you don’t know that enemy X is going to jump out from behind a corner, but if you go slow and learn who jumps out where, you’ll be fine. It’s hard in the no tutorial way of old. It’s hard in that you actually SHOULD read the manual first.

Basically it has taken the key tenants from games of old and put them in modern, 3d, trappings.


Also one of the greatest things about bloodborne is that, like games of old, it’s a very social game. Social in that you want to talk to your friends about it. You want to ask them what their strategy was for beating boss X, or why enemy Z you can’t seem to parry. You talk to them to see what they think is actually going on in Yharnam. The multiplayer is very limited but the game doesn’t suffer for it and it’s not less social because of it.

Also, I don’t know what your thoughts are on blood and gore, but honestly the game could be rated PG-13. There’s not all that much grossness. Language, I think the worst I’ve heard is “Damn.” It’s mostly disturbing imagery in the “this guy has a hand where his eye should be” sort of way.


ANNNYYYWAAAYYY, I didn’t expect to enjoy bloodborne. I was really really torn on getting it as I’d hated Demons Souls (that game went too far in the “let’s make this difficult” and was instead, “Let’s have some really really cheap deaths”). I was actually going to get witcher 3 as I thought I’d enjoy the casual nature of that game more, but Bloodborne ended up being on sale for 25 at best buy and witcher 3 was 45 so I ended up getting Bloodborne and I”m glad I did.

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