Discord Tips and Tricks

Why use Discord? I thought we had an IRC channel!

The IRC was actually set up by Odin as a better way to host group chats during Run Club. (Basically everyone agrees that Skype is suck.) For awhile it worked, but it has several severe drawbacks - one of the main ones being stability.

Discord can do 99% of what IRC can do and do so better. It allows users to sign in using a web client if they so desire. It has a clean and simple UI. There’s no sign up needed (although, yes I’d recommend it all you need is an email and it takes 5 seconds). It’s accessible, has very low memory allocation, and allows private messages.


In addition Discord allows admins to delete offensive content, prune the members list, and create complex permissions. Users can add in images, animated gifs, embed youtube video, use emoji and so much more. Discord is easily accessible via web, or through an official iPhone/android app and Desktop client. Discord is able to send push notifications to your phone whenever you are mentioned in a conversation.

Discord is also an excellent option for game nights or movie nights as it allows the creation of multiple voice channels (Can have separate voice channels for Movie Night and Game Night). Voice chat is easily drop in/drop out with standard mute, or deafen features.

How Do I...?

Change my name, change my icon?

Click the cog icon next to your avatar on the bottom left of the screen. Here on the settings page you can change your username. Clicking the icon to the right of your username allows you to select a new avatar.


Stop link embedding from showing up in my chat window?

Under the Account settings in your User settings (see above), there is a Text and Images page. Click it and deselect “When posted as links to chat.” This will turn off images from showing up. To prevent web preview, underneath the images option there is a box labeled Show website preview info from links pasted into chat. Deselect that.


Use Emoji?

Discord supports most of the emojis found here . If you type “:(text)“ it’ll start to populate a suggested list of emojis/emoticons for that time you need to show raw emotion, instead of ALL CAPS.


Mention someone?

Pressing the @ key will bring up a list of users you can mention. Begin typing the username you’d like to mention and the list will narrow down for you. Pressing TAB will autocomplete.


Set up push notifications?

Under your User Settings, click the “Notifications” menu on the left sidebar. Select to either receive notifications whenever there is any activity at all, whenever you’re @ mentioned, or never.


Use TTS?

Click the settings cog. Select the notifications tab. Choose to enable TTS for either: “All Channels” or “Current Selected Channel.” This will now read everything that is typed in the chat channel to you.


Join a voice chat channel?

Tapping/Clicking a voice channel will bring up a prompt asking if you want to connect. After confirming, you can see at the bottom of the screen the channel you are connected to as well as disconnect or access your voice settings.


You can even use Push-to-Talk! In the voice settings you can set whether you want to use PTT or Voice Activity Detection. With PTT enabled your mic will only transmit while your finger is pressed on the PTT button at the bottom of the screen or when you press the PTT keybinding (user selectable).


What does Mute or Deafen mean?

In Voice chat Mute means no one will hear you anymore. Deafen means you will choose to not hear a particular person anymore.


Show an animated gif?

Either drag and drop an image into the chat window or press the upload key to the left of the text entry box. Alternatively you can try copy/pasting the image url. However, it may not work if recipients have “view embedded web content” unchecked.


Private message someone?

Click your user portrait to the top left of the screen. This will bring up your direct messages. Click the + button at the top of this new pane to begin a new direct message.


Set up Key Bindings for Push to Talk?

Keybinds can be found in your User Settings by clicking the cog in the lower left corner of the app next to your mute and deafen buttons. You can assign keys to each action by clicking the green ‘Add a Keybind’ button. A dropdown menu displays all the available actions. To bind a key to the selected action click the empty box and push the key you want to use. Set one or all of them. You can even set up multiple keys for each action.


Edit a message?

Pressing up on the keyboard will allow you to edit your most recently sent message. To edit older messages, click the cog wheel in the chat window to the right of your message and select edit.


Invite a friend to the Discord Channel I’m currently in?

On the left side pane, click the arrowed box next to the channel you want to create an invite link to. This creates an instantly sharable link that others can click on to join the channel via web.


Underline/Bold/Italicize text?


Follow this guide. Thanks to Mr_Marsu for putting this together.

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