Discord Changelog

  • Windows 10 Action Center: SPECIAL DELIVERY FROM REDMOND. Discord desktop notifications are now powered by Action Center on Windows 10.
  • PTT Release Delay: You can now choose how long to continue audio capture after releasing your PTT key. This is great if you tend to start mumbling as you trail off...
  • Join Servers on Mobile: iOS and Android users can now join servers from their phones. Never miss those temporary Twitch fan servers again!
  • Create Invites on Mobile: Send your friends any kind of invite link from your iOS or Android device. It’s about time, right?
  • Mobile Server Management: So much love for mobile this release! Create and delete channels and servers on the go. Great for secret societies.
  • Mobile Sign Up: Your friends can now sign up for Discord directly from their phones, especially while in class.
  • Mobile Moderator Tools: Take your banhammer here or there. You can now wield it anywhere. On a bus, in a train, or even a plane!
  • Optimistic Messages: All of our clients have come around and are optimistic. Chatting will be much more responsive.
  • Text To Speech Juice: TTS has received major improvements. You can now disable TTS locally as well as stop in progress TTS by Deafening yourself.
  • LUDICROUS SPEED: Our API servers have received a 500% speed boost. We hope you don’t mind the shorter load times.
  • Resized Thumbnails: All images embedded in chat are now dynamically resized via shrink ray to use less bandwidth.
  • Everyone, Get In Here! In case you’re not sure how to refer to a large group of people, the @everyone mention is now shown in the autocomplete list.


  • Full-screen on Windows no longer causes the bottom of the window to tuck under the task bar. It doesn’t sleep as comfortably though.
  • The Voice Activity algorithm has been upgraded and should work better for more microphones.
  • The Windows installer and updater have been upgraded and will fail less often.
  • Infinite scrolling no longer gets stuck in certain circumstances where it got stuck. We unstuck the stuck, basically.
  • Connect button on the light theme Widget is now visible as opposed to invisible.
  • OSX Notifications now show the senders avatar instead of keeping it a secret.
  • OSX app can now be hidden via Cmd+H. Rahul, you’re welcome.


  • In-game overlay! We are design complete with the voice UI.
  • Editing messages on mobile.
  • Clear history in channels. For those times when you just want to pretend it all never happened.
  • Localization. So many people don’t speak english.
  • Friends List. Because sometimes you don’t want that one person to hang out with all your friends.
  • All the things!!

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