You got beef? You want to complain? Something in your life bothering you?

I'll go first. Sometimes I hate responsibility. Mostly when things pile up and I start to feel overwhelmed. I got a BMW from my ex wife via the divorce. I immediately cancelled the insurance that I was paying for, and removed the plates. Then I listed it on Craigslist. About two months late I get a call saying I can't remove the plates and the insurance. So now I had to get it reinsured and also re register it.
I also need to sign my daughter up for kindergarten. The daycare she goes to now won't work with the new school - it's not in the same district. So I have to sign her up for kindergarten which means getting her immunization records, calling around to the daycares in the area and going to them to check them out/sign her up, meeting with the lady who runs the school district, and other stuff I'm sure i'm forgetting.

So it just gets to be a lot.

Actually, you know what, that's not the worst. I can deal with that crap. I can use my own skills and time to figure out and solve those problems. What I don't like is other people saying, OH I KNOW I HAD TO DO ALL THAT STUFF TOO - when they're's a hell of a lot different when I don't have a teammate to help out with this stuff.

So there's my problem of the week. What's yours?