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Starting HP: 40

Starting Skill

War Anthem. Single Target, (5 points) The Bard pumps up one target, giving them +3 pure damage to their attack. Pure damage is unaffected by any resistances, and is not halved due to magic missile damage penalty.


Starting Song

Lullabye. Multiple Target The Bard plays a song which gives a 25% chance to put all attacking enemies to Sleep. Enemies that are asleep will not counter-attack.



  • Has low base HP
  • Cannot attack directly
  • Can give each class, class specific buffs (ie. song to refresh mage’s spell, or enchant warrior’s weapons, or augment healer’s heals) as well as general buffs, debuffs.
  • Only class where points stack across days
  • Has access to skills and songs. Skills can be used once/day.
  • Songs
  • Songs are picked at the beginning of the week. They have no casting cost. They are played for as many consecutive days starting from Sunday that the bard logs points. Ie. If the Bard logs points from Sunday to Tuesday but logs no points on Wednesday then the effect of the song in play is lost from Wednesday to Saturday.

How to use

1. Bards are going to be mostly independent. That is, the spreadsheet isn’t going to autopopulate a lot of things for you.


2. As shown below, to use a skill, right click on your run, type in the skill name and target, and then modify the appropriate box. To keep things easy to understand, don’t just change a 5 to an 8, change the formula to =5 + 3. Helps to see where the 3 points of bonus damage went.

3. Songs are handled similarly - Right click on your name on the left hand column and insert a note stating which song you’re using that week.


4. Remember Bards are the ONLY class where points carry over from day to day. You have to do this yourself - handled in the same way. If you run 10 miles Monday, use 5 points for War Anthem, then on Tuesday run another 5, put in the box = 5 + 5. If anyone knows how to program this into an excel spreadsheet, let me know.

Illustration for article titled Bard

Current Status

Example Team Bard

  • 33/40 hp
  • Skills: War Anthem, Punk Rock, Rites of the Dead <— Active spells are bold
  • Songs: Lullabye, Requiem for a Dream

Team 1 Bard

Team 2 Bard

Team 3 Bard

Team 4 Bard

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