Aikage's Fabulously Strange Christmas Post

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Illustration for article titled Aikages Fabulously Strange Christmas Post

Hello hello! I’m Furby or Aikage, or Spencer if you wanna get personal (I don’t like to put my real name in my screen name not because I’m scared of doxing myself, but because it’s way more fun to pretend to be a furby)

Anyway, what many people don’t know is that I LOVE to be crafty but have literally no idea how. I know how to knit a scarf or blanket but don’t much care for knitting as it’s a bit too....slow. I recently picked up power tools but don’t know what to make.


Also this year is the year I make my cosplay outfit. I’ve decided I really wanna go as a hunter from Bloodborne (if nothing else, I love the art direction in that game to pieces).

So some very basic ideas for gifts would to get me either instructional materials or crafting materials:

  • Leather for the hunters hat (Black)
  • Several yards of Broadcloth - this is an inexpensive cloth (i’ve seen it for 3 bucks a yard).
  • “How to sew” book/video set or sewing supplies(thread, needles, thimbles? Are those real things?) - I have a decent sewing machine - two actually. I just have no clue how to use it nor a table to set it upon.
  • Various belts and buckles - check out the hunters look in google images to get an idea and then try to approximate to the best of your ability. Etsy is a good place to look for this kind of thing
  • I’d love to try my hand at doing foam rubber for the axe or saw blade but haven’t the slightest idea of where to even begin doing that. EVA Foam is an alternative

I realize not everyone is D-10 or GeekEmpress and may be wary of trying to steer me around a craft project.


OK my old list was a frumpy list of bah humbuggery. So I’ve now updated my list.

TV Shows I have Watched and enjoyed

  1. Adventure time (up to season 5)
  2. Arrow (up to season 3)
  3. Game of Thrones (Season 1 and 2, currently watching)
  4. Supernatural (to current season)
  5. Battlestar Galactica (Favorite show ever)
  6. Buffy (2nd favorite show ever)
  7. Office, Parks and Rec, Arrested Development - the trifecta of what a comedy show can be
  8. Bob’s Burgers - Loren Bouchard is my hero
  9. Dr. Who - Tenant/Russel T Davies era... Moffat seems intent on running the show into the ground.

TV Shows I want to watch more of but can’t (would like seasons/dvds/bluerays/whatever)

  1. Venture Bros (saw season 1 and 2 on netflix then they took it off)
  2. Steven Universe (SO MUCH HYPE)
  3. Anything Hellsing after the initial 12? 13? episode run in the late 90s. Love the series always forget to find the stuff afterwards that I hear has been pretty quality stuff
  4. Sealab 2021 - saw random episodes
  5. Home Movies - Saw it on Netflix but show was so good I’d love to have a box set

Things I would like

  1. Mage Knight expansions - This is an uber intense board game with a 40 page manual that takes about 4-5 hours to play and if you’ve never played it you haven’t lived!
  2. Arkham Horror - Probably can’t find this for 25$ but hey, if you see it grab it! Or if you wanna just buy it and i’ll give you the difference in price via paypal I’m totally OK with that.
  3. New Bike Tires for a Felt z100 from 2012 - You’d have to do research on this one. I have no idea what size/shape tire.I haven’t replaced the tires since I got the bike and they’re showing some wear.
  4. BloodBorne: The Old Hunters DLC - I think you’d have to give me PSN cash as physical release is a no go unless I buy the base game again.
  5. Stickers/decals for my kitchenaid - Alton Brown has sweet flames on his kitchenaid. I don’t want sweet flames. But it’d be fun to play dress up with my Kitchenaid. ......that sounds wrong. OH YES BABY BEAT THAT DOUGH.
  6. Any coop or competitive board game for 2-3 people- I have a few - catan, mage knight, Pandemic, and BANG! But bang really requires 4 people minimum and that’s hard to get as my family is like, WUT GAMEZ? DAT LIKE MONOPOLY? and my friends are like, GAMES? BATTLESHIP IS MY FAVORITE!
  7. Tools - I want a jigsaw. That’s more than 25$. OH WELL BUY IT ANYWAY! I’m thinking of making the saw cleaver from wood. It’d have a much better weight to it. I also need a Dremel. THAT you MIGHT be able to find for 25 dollars if it’s not actually called dremel (think it’s called rotary tool or something along those lines).

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