A Furby In Time: 1998

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How do you like THAT design sense?

Other hilarity of note:

  • My Email was Nappa@innocent.com
  • The secret password is Pepsi or maybe pepsi, I forget.
  • I had as much attendance in my Raider Wars clan as I do on my TAY events! Zing!
  • My tag was Kefka-
  • Grammar error and sexism in one sentence Furby of 1998? For shame. For shame.
  • “Kill for glory, Play for keeps,” has been my motto since 1998.

You can find information about the original Raider Wars game here. It was seriously a one of its kind amazing game. Basically DOTA 2 in space light years before DOTA was a glimmer in SC’s UMS maps eyes.


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