I'm a furby in real life

I use a furbish to english translator so sometimes it is impossible to understand me. Like, most of the time.

About me:

I'm a research scientist working on NFKB signaling in lung disorders. I'm a single father to the most awesome 4 year old ever. I like to game, socialize, and create events for TAY that sometimes work and sometimes don't. I try to keep TAYClassic jumping with non video game related posts.


I am a DOTA 2 fan but I play it to have fun and don't worry about winning so much, so if you ever want to jump in a game with us or if you want someone to help teach you how to play/basics, I'd be more than happy to help. I play most nights starting around 9 pm (USA Eastern time).

Other games I've been playing


Borderlands 2

Twisted Metal (I love this game)

I'm mainly a PC gamer and you can add me on Steam here.

I just recently bought a PS Vita (Thanks Chase Amazon.com reward points!). I've really been enjoying it and you can add me if you're interested in playing anything with me.

on PSN: Slavitkus

I can also be contacted via email at issiyo@gmail.com.

Finally, since I've vowed to stop being so so secretive.....

here's a poorly taken picture of me...in a JUNGLE. NOT PHOTOSHOPPED I SWEAR.

I'm a furby in real life