I hadn't played many MMOs prior to FF14 and never got to do many dungeons or instances in those games anyway.

In FF14 I'm forced into a party with at least two people I don't know. Thankfully I do have a friend (Ramen, for those of you who have played DOTA with me), that is going through the game with me. I'm CNJ and he's LNC.


My God. People are rude, and downright nasty sometimes. This is actually one of the main reasons I've shied away from online games, as I tend to take things personally and so try to limit the amount of potential bitching. However, I thought, having played enough DOTA 2, that I'd been developing thick skin. That was until I partied with Leeroy Jenkins and friend. He ran in and died. Once. I was busy looking at the loot and he was running ahead aggroing everything in sight. After he died the barrage of insults began. You can't F*&*in' Read? You suck. Everyone in your family should die. Kid. Kid. Kid. I don't know what the deal is with calling people Kid. I guess it is sort of aggravating.

If you were to write an open letter to the MMO community, what suggestions would you give to the tanks? To the DPS? To the healers?